Abandoned Power Plant in Monceau
Here is new Urbex. Today, let’s visit the famous abandoned power plant in Monceau. It was owned by public energy company Electrabel. It is near
Hotels in Charleroi
Need to spend the night in Charleroi? Here are your options: Hotels close to Brussels South Charleroi Airport Hotel Van Der Valk Charleroi Airport 115
Urbex | The Solvay Casino in Couillet
The Solvay Casino was built in Couillet, Charleroi in 1937 by the Belgian group and leader in chemistry, Solvay. Opened in 1938 for the 15th anniversary
5 Charleroi-related Instagram to follow
A lot of us are using Instagram, The social media specialized in mobile photography. Here are 5 Carolo accounts to follow: 1. Fabienne Pazzaglia Fabienne
Urbex | Laminoir of Montignies
Here we are starting our series of “Urbex” in Charleroi. What’s Urbex”? Movie sets for something such as “Resident Evil”? Could be. But according to
MUSIC | New Charleroi album | Melanie De Biasio: “Blackened Cities”
After her albums “A Stomach is Burning” in 2007 and “No Deal” in 2012, one of the most famous Carolo makes her comeback today with
8 ways to go from point A to B from/within Charleroi
Planning to land at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium and not sure how travel from here? No worries, let us explain to you how
Here are 10 great spots to drink and dance in Charleroi
Where to hang out in Charleroi? Going out here is possible mainly on Friday or Saturday night. You can barhop in “Ville Basse” where there
5 Totally magical castles to visit
Our area has plenty of medieval gems, often found inside gorgeous parks. Here are 5 castles (in french: “chateaux”) you should visit during¬†your stay in
5 Ideas of fun things to do while in Charleroi
1. Fly Always dreamt of skydiving… but just never had “the balls” to? Well, now it’s possible (kinda) to do it without any risk whatsoever.
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